Labour stands by Corbyn's comments after Bermuda hits back

Courtney Goldsmith
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Jeremy Corbyn said the company was Bermuda-based, but the government of the island nation hit back (Source: Getty)

The Labour party has stood by comments made in parliament by Jeremy Corbyn that drew swift criticism from the government of Bermuda.

Corbyn yesterday called on the government to investigate claims that business jets were being imported through the Isle of Man to avoid tax. He said the allegations were part of a data leak from the "Bermuda-based" law firm Appleby.

The government of Bermuda said Corbyn's comments in parliament were "misinformed".

"The government of Bermuda can confirm that Appleby Global is not 'Bermuda based'; its global management is based in Jersey," the government said in a statement late last night.

Appleby has a number of branches across Bermuda, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

However, it is understood the leak came from the Bermuda branch.

A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn said: "We stand by the facts and concerns raised by Jeremy Corbyn in PMQs."

Corbyn compared the Appleby data leak to the Panama papers. In 2015, millions of documents were leaked from a Panama-based law firm, Mossack Fonseca, which detailed financial information on the use of offshore tax havens going back decades.

Bermuda's new government has been working to shed the island nation's reputation of tax avoidance by proving it is a leader in international compliance.

In its statement, the government of Bermuda said: "Bermuda is a recognised leader in international tax compliance and tax transparency with 114 tax treaty partners.

"The opposition leader may not be aware that Bermuda was recently confirmed by the French Government as a 'whitelisted' jurisdiction due to Bermuda’s excellent work on international tax transparency."

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