Exiting the EU Committee chair pushes Davis on Brexit papers

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Political Activity In Westminster Following Theresa May's Cabinet Appointments
Last night MPs voted to compel the government to publish the Brexit papers (Source: Getty)

The chair of the Committee on Exiting the European Union has heaped more pressure on David Davis to publish the government's impact assessments on Brexit.

Hilary Benn wrote to Davis, the secretary of state for the Department for Exiting the EU (DexEU), asking him to confirm "in writing as soon as possible" the arrangements he was making in regards to publishing the papers.

"As I indicated to you, once the material has been provided to the committee I would be very happy to discuss with you any particular concerns you may have about publication of parts of the material so that the committee can take these into account in making its decision on release," Benn wrote.

Benn added that he expected to government to provide the material much sooner than the 12 week deadline Davis originally stated.

Labour last night succeeded in pushing through a motion to force the government's hand on releasing the 58 impact studies it has carried out on Brexit.

While speaker of the House John Bercow, suggested the motion would be effective or binding, Brexit minister Robin Walker said the government could publish the papers in summary or in redacted form.

Meanwhile, Davis met with Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney in Downing Street to discuss the shared boarder and EU negotiations.

“Avoiding a hard border is a top priority for the UK during Brexit negotiations," Davis said.

“I am determined to build on the genuine progress we have made so far when negotiations with the EU begin again next week.

“I'm confident we can reach a deal with the EU that protects the Belfast Agreement in all its parts, and gives people and businesses the certainty they need," he said.

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