How to mix The Ned's Atomic Espresso: This twist on the espresso martini is the ultimate pick-me-up after a heavy meal


Dan Berger with the Atomic Espresso (Source: Greg Sigston, City A.M.)

Everyone’s hit that point after dinner, when the night is young but a nap is imminent. This moment is what the espresso martini was made for.

It’s the party drink that comes with a caffeine kick just when you need it. But for coffee fiends, this post-pig out cocktail doesn’t even touch the sides.

Step forward the Atomic Espresso, as created for Millie’s Lounge, one of eight ground floor restaurants in the swanky confines of The Ned, in partnership with luxury vodka behemoth Grey Goose. Dan Berger, head of bars at the City of London’s hottest hang out, created this cherry and chilli-flavoured drink to perfectly complement the coffee shot, instead of masking it like many other coffee cocktails.“I think coffee culture in general is growing, with more and more top baristas and coffee hangouts appearing. Putting more coffee into cocktails was only a matter of time.”

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Atomic Espresso. Photo: Greg Sigston

Originally from Manchester, Berger learnt his bar skills in Australia before moving back to the UK to work for the likes of Gordon Ramsay and the Ace Hotel. He won Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender Award in 2015 before joining The Ned for its opening last year. For the Atomic Espresso, Berger uses Origin coffee, which works served hot or cold. “Usually you’ll get better foam with a hot, fresh espresso,” says Berger, “but you need to be quick shaking it before it melts the ice and over-dilutes your drink.”

Putting more coffee into cocktails was only a matter of time.


To that, he adds a full-bodied, double shot of Grey Goose vodka; Cherry Herring, a liqueur that adds depth and viscosity; and Ancho Reyes, a new chilli liqueur that Berger loves. “You can control the spice so it’s exactly the level you need, as the product is so finely balanced.”

A good espresso machine and some speedy shaking is all that’s needed to make the Atomic Espresso at home. Master this and your dinner party is sure to go off with a bang.

Dan Berger pouring out at The Ned. Photo: Greg Sigston


  •  50ml Grey Goose

  •  25ml espresso

  •  15ml Cherry Herring

  •  15ml Ancho Reyes

Glassware: Martini glass

Method: Shaken, served straight up in a coupe

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