Twitter is totally freaking out about the terrifying maths of retirement

Lynsey Barber
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Pension? What pension, millennials ask (Source: Getty)

Retirement. One of those things that you file away in the back of your head a bit like cleaning behind the fridge - it's something you know you should be working towards in life, but you just can't get around to putting the effort in (and the longer you leave it, the worse it will get).

But the good people of Twitter have had the fear of God put in them by a single equation explaining exactly what you should be saving at what age. As if maths wasn't terrifying enough. Let's just say that many of us may have already fallen short of the required nest egg.

Here's the maths...

And here's the reaction...

"By 30, aim to have no debt whatsoever, own your own home, & an entire year's salary in the bank." Sure no problem

"What is this "retirement" of which you speak"

"I've saved the annual salary I would have made as a garment factory worker in 1919."

"I have three fun size Snickers leftover from Halloween."

"What if all I have is this basket of overripe avocados?"

"My hot tip for retirement saving is to assume humans will be wiped out in 50 years and therefore you should spend all your money now."

"I'm 30 and have enough money in my savings account to buy 1 greggs steak bake leave me alone"

Let's all take a second to also remember that time someone told millennials that they should be saving £800 a month.

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