Brewdog is raising awareness of global warming - by fermenting beer at a higher temperature than usual

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The beer is apparently a metaphor for global warming (Source: Brewdog)

Pugnacious brewer Brewdog likes a good stunt.

The company has previously offered to turn Boris Johnson's water cannon into a mobile brewery, brewed steroid beer during the Olympics, and announced plans for a bar blocking President Trump's Mexico border wall.

Its latest stunt is a new beer and an accompanying campaign to "Make Earth Great Again". It just so happens to coincide with Brewdog's latest push to get investors for its fifth equity crowdfunding round, which has so far raised £3.2m out of a goal of £10m.

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The protest beer from the company aims to draw attention to global warming by using a hotter temperature to make a beer: the Make Earth Great Again 7.5 per cent ABV saison beer has been fermented at a higher temperature than other beers. Brewdog said it is a "metaphor" for global warming. Deep.

“Make Earth Great Again is a reaction to declining interest from notable world leaders to the biggest issues facing our planet and civilisation," said co-founder James Watt.

Just to give Mother Earth an extra helping hand, Brewdog has also used an endangered plant, the Arctic cloudberry, as an ingredient. Meanwhile the water used in the brewing process has been sourced from melting Arctic glaciers.

But the brewery is also donating proceeds from the small batch brew to climate change charity 10:10.

“At 10:10, we often say that one of the more powerful things you can do to tackle climate change is talk about it," said Alice Bell. "And what better way to start those conversations than a bottle of beer?"

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