These are the most lucrative languages to study: German tops the list

Caitlin Morrison
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Learning languages could be a boon to your salary (Source: Getty)

Your ability to speak another language - or lack thereof - could have a bigger impact on your salary than you realise.

Research conducted by the TEFL Academy found that one third of employers would find a candidate with language skills more appealing that one without.

The language school compiled a top 10 list of the most lucrative languages in the UK, based on average salaries in jobs requiring the relevant languages. German came in top, followed by Arabic, then French.

The full list reads as follows:

Language Average salary
1 German £34,534
2 Arabic £34,122
3 French £32,646
4 Dutch £29,423
5 Spanish £29,262
6 Japanese £28,954
7 Russian £28,858
8 Italian £28,858
9 Mandarin £28,268
10 Welsh £27,857

“It is not uncommon for students and graduates to take time out of their lives to experience a gap year abroad, however many people are apprehensive about having a gap on their CV," said Rhyan O'Sullivan, managing director at the TEFL Academy.

"Our research has discovered that the skills and traits gained through taking a gap year are actually really valuable to employers – especially language skills that are picked up. Instead of shying away from the fact we have taken gap years, we encourage people to shout about their experience to employers."

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