These are the cities with the best transport networks in the UK - and the world

Rebecca Smith
London tops the UK rankings but does not make the top five globally
London tops the UK rankings but does not make the top five globally (Source: Getty)

London has topped the UK rankings of the cities with the most sustainable transport networks, but fails to crack the top five of the global ratings.

Among the UK cities rated on the quality and effectiveness of their transport, Edinburgh came second, followed by Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

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While London had one of the largest shares of its budget spent on transport of the 100 cities looked at, it also ranks among the least affordable not only in the UK, but the rest of Europe.

It scored highly on the sheer density of available transport options, but was held back by the sky-high levels of congestion. Just Rome, Istanbul and Turkey were rated worse here.

UK ranking City Overall ranking
1. London 7.
2. Edinburgh 17.
3. Manchester 35.
4. Birmingham 38.
5. Bristol 43.
6. Leeds 59.

Arcadis examined 100 cities across 23 indicators to compile a thorough analysis of each city's mobility, and how sustainable it is. Higher ranking cities tended to fare best on commuting times, low delays, as well as accessibility.

Hong Kong came up top globally, followed by Zurich and then Paris. London does surpass the likes of Tokyo, New York and Milan though.

The rest of the UK's key regional cities all rank outside the top quartile though, which Arcadis said reflected that there was some way to go in terms of transport's role in rebalancing economic productivity.

However, Edinburgh has some of the best commuting times and lowest delays in Europe, while it also boasts the highest density of bus and metro stops.

City Global ranking
1. Hong Kong
2. Zurich
3. Paris
4. Seoul
5. Prague
6. Vienna
7. London
8. Singapore
9. Stockholm
10. Frankfurt

Peter Hogg, UK cities director at Arcadis, said:

The UK needs to up its transport game. Although there is undoubtedly a lot we’re getting right, a truly sustainable transport system isn’t just about enabling mobility; it also needs to create major economic opportunity and improve the lives of those who rely on it every day.

London, with its well-established infrastructure, efficient Tube system and low private vehicle use, ranks highly but, as with all cities, alleviating pressure at peak times remains a concern.

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