At least eight killed by a vehicle in Manhattan terror attack

Courtney Goldsmith
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At least eight people were killed and 11 injured after a vehicle drove down a bike path in Manhattan.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio said eight people were killed in a "cowardly terror attack". "It was intended to break our spirit. But New Yorkers are resilient," he said in a tweet.

US President Donald Trump on Twitter said the attack was "very sick". "Law enforcement is following this closely," he tweeted.

The New York City Police Department tweeted that the vehicle struck a school bus, then the driver “got out displaying imitation firearms" and was shot by police. The suspect, a 29-year-old male, was taken into custody.

A paintball gun and pellet gun were recovered from the scene.

In a statement, London mayor Sadiq Khan said: "London stands in grief and solidarity with the great city of New York after the despicable and cowardly terrorist attack in Manhattan."

"New Yorkers are strong and resilient - I know they will not be cowed by this assault on the innocent, and on our shared values and way of life," he said.

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