There's a "monument to Brexit" design competition and it could be built in Folkestone

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Banksy Brexit Mural Appears On A Building Close To Dover Ferry Port
Calling all budding artists, architects and designers: How would you mark Brexit? (Source: Getty)

A competition has been launched to build a monument marking Brexit with hopes that it could be placed at the entrance of the Channel Tunnel in Folkestone.

Paris School of Architecture is seeking ideas for the design that engages with the "loaded political issue" as part of its research into "the infrastructural implications of the UK's withdrawal from the EU".

It hopes to book-end the Eurotunnel with the monuments, locating them in the coastal UK town of Folkestone and Calais in France.

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"The Eurotunnel (providing rail services connecting London to Paris and Brussels), constructed between 1988 and 1994 is an important example of European infrastructural co-operation that emerged from a political ideologue that appears to become increasingly distant, or even impossible to imagine today," it said.

In its brief, first spotted by The Architects's Journal, it said it is looking for "a monument, architectural structure, or piece of public art that discusses the themes of lost European co-operation".

But it did also warn of that any wannabe designers should be aware of the implications of their proposal about something that is "highly emotive and even political".

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The university will also provide funding of €20,000 to get it built though it does note that it's subject to finding a plot of land and local building and planning law

‚ÄčIt's not the first time that art and design has been informed by the UK's decision to leave the EU. Anti-Brexit posters and "love letters to Europe" were among the projects nominated for the Beazley Designs of the Year award this year.

Another creative Brexit competition saw artists come up with new passport designs.

And Banksy turned his attention to the biggest political issue of recent times with a mural in Dover featuring someone removing a star from the EU flag.