Catalonia protests: Hundreds of thousands in Spain pro-unity march against independence

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Spanish Unity Demonstration Takes Place In Barcelona
Protesters turned out for a march in support of Catalonia remaining part of Spain (Source: Getty)

Hundreds of thousands of citizens have turned out to march against Catalonia's move towards independence on Sunday.

Supporters of a unified Spain turned out in central Barcelona to oppose the region's efforts to break away.

The Spanish government withdrew the region's autonomy over the weekend, sacking leader Carles Puigdemont and stripping the region's top police chief of his powers. Spain's deputy Prime Minister has been installed to lead until elections in December.

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The latest march took place a day after pro-independence supporters took to the streets on Saturday.

Catalonia declared independence following a vote which was deemed illegal by the courts. The result of the vote was 90 per cent support for independence, but only 43 per cent of voters took part.

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