Apple customers complain as delivery dates for the £1,000 iPhone X are pushed back

Sarra Gray
Apple Holds Product Launch Event At New Campus In Cupertino
iPhone X pre-orders start today (Source: Getty)

Apple customers have complained about mysteriously lengthening delivery dates for the £1,000 iPhone X this morning, after delivery estimates began to be pushed back just minutes after pre-orders opened this morning.

Almost as soon as pre-orders were available at 8am this morning, people noticed delivery dates rising to 2-3 weeks from the original one week. Within 40 minutes these had soared to 4-5 weeks.

Prices for the super-premium iPhone X start at £999, with features including an updated camera, wireless charging and the introduction of Face ID – the feature which lets you unlock your phone just by looking at it.

However, reports of manufacturing issues means getting your hands on the new device is expected to be difficult.

These issues have caused Apple to let suppliers reduce the accuracy of the face-recognition technology to help them stick to deadlines, meaning the Face ID may not be as secure as thought, according to Bloomberg.

The iPhone X is one of two new models announced by Apple in September and is officially available to buy in-store from 3 November.

Apple did not comment.

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