The 10 digital jobs employers say will become more important

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Businesses are finding a growing gap in the digital skills they need and can find

Nearly three in five businesses say they are suffering a shortage of digital talent and more than half say this talent gap is on the rise.

And the majority of firms believe this skills gap is bad for business, resulting in a loss of competitive advantage and hampering their digital transformation, fresh research from CapGemini and LinkedIn has found.

Businesses in the UK were found to be experiencing a growing talent gap more than most others, with 57 per cent saying as such, behind only the US and India where 70 per cent and 64 per cent said the same.

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But the UK was found to have the biggest supply of digital talent after India.

And banking was found to be feeling the effect of a widening skills gap more than any other industry. It was also the industry in which 44 per cent of workers said they believed their current set of skills would be redundant in the next four to five years. A third of those in banking said their skills were redundant right now or would be within two years.

"Organisations face a mammoth task in terms of digital upskilling. Given that skill redundancy is a key concern among our employee respondents, ensuring a clear development path is essential to address this," said head of executive leadrship and change at Capgemini Claudia Crummenerl.

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"In the future, the digital talent gap will continue to widen and no company can sit back and be comfortable. Organisations need to be consistently innovating and planning their workforce evolution."

For anyone looking at their next career move, the research also identified the 10 jobs employers said they believe will grow in prominence over the next two to three years - more than any other industry except for automotive.

Here they are:

Rank Job
1 Information security/privacy consultant
2 Chief digital officer/chief digital information officer
3 Data architect
4 Digital project manager
5 Data engineer
6 Chief customer officer
7 Personal web manager
8 Chief internet of things officer
9 Data scientist
10 Chief analytics officer/chief data officer

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