Lloyd's of London boss Inga Beale has just been named the City's leading LGBT executive

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Beale came sixth overall (Source: Getty)

Lloyd's of London boss Inga Beale has been named the City's top LGBT executive.

Beale was ranked sixth globally by professional LGBT membership organisation OutStanding. Meanwhile, Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce came top, recognised for his campaigning for equal marriage in Australia.

They were joined by Stacey Friedman, general counsel at JP Morgan Chase, in second place and Jim Fitterling, chief operating officer for material sciences at DowDuPont, who came third.

Among other Britons on the list were Siobhan Martin, executive director of HR in the UK and Ireland at Mercer, and David Hynam, the chief executive of Bupa UK, ranked ninth and tenth respectively overall.

The winners were picked by a panel including former BP chief executive Lord Browne, Barclays UK boss Ashok Vaswani and Harriet Green, general manager of Watson Internet of Things.

“Being recognised so prominently is a huge honour," said Joyce.

"I share the belief that world leaders and companies have a responsibility to ensure everyone feels they can bring their whole self to work. This will only be possible if people continue to drive LGBT inclusion and push for policy change.

“No one should feel like they need to live a double life, or don’t have access to the same opportunities as everyone else. I hope more LGBT business leaders and sllies join me in visibly celebrating diverse sexuality in the workplace."

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The world's leading LGBT execs

Full Name Company Job Title
1 Alan Joyce Qantas CEO
2 Stacey Friedman JP Morgan Chase General Counsel
3 Jim Fitterling DowDuPont Chief Operating Officer for Material Sciences
4 Gigi Chao Cheuk Nang (Holdings) Limited Executive Vice Chairman
5 Vivienne Ming Socos LLC Managing Partner
6 Inga Beale Lloyd's of London CEO
7 Martine Rothblatt United Therapeutics Corporation CEO
8 Jan Siegmund ADP Corporate Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
9 Siobhan Martin Mercer Executive Director - HR UK & Ireland
10 David Hynam Bupa UK CEO

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