Get ready for a stormy winter, with widespread power cuts and travel disruption

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Storm Abigail Hits The UK
It's going to get windy (Source: Getty)

The British Isles are likely to be battered by frequent wind storms in December and January, weather experts have warned - with the potential for power cuts and travel disruption.

Forecasters at Accuweather said an "active" start to the winter season will mean several named storms hit the UK and Ireland, bringing "significant" power cuts and "widespread" travel problems.

The frequent storms, which will begin around Christmas and go on until the middle of January, will also bring an increased risk of flooding.

Accuweather's senior meteorologist, Alan Reppert, added it is possible snow will hit Scotland and higher ground in the rest of the UK.

"Coastal flooding will be a concern as well, especially with the bigger storms and this could lead to further beach erosion across western coastal beaches that have been dealing with this for the last few winters," added Tyler Roys, another meteorologist at Accuweather.

However, skiers will be relieved to hear ski resorts in France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria are likely to have "frequent snowfall" during December and January, meaning resorts stay open further into the season.

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