Brexit: British expats in Spain allowed to stay even if "no deal" says foreign minister Alfonso Dastis

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Brexit Fears For Expat Community Living In Southern Spain
Spain's foreign minister has reassured expats (Source: Getty)

British expats living in Spain have been reassured they will be able to stay in the country after Brexit if no deal is reached by the time of leaving.

Spain's foreign minister Alfonso Dastis today said it would ensure around 300,000 Brits living in the sunnier climes would not be disrupted.

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Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning, he said: “If there is no deal we will make sure that the lives of ordinary people who are in Spain, the UK people, is not disrupted."

He added that he hoped there would be a deal.

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More than double the number of Brits are living in Spain than Spaniards living in Britain, official population data shows. There are more over-65s than any other age group when it comes to Brit expats in Spain while the majority of Spaniard are working in Britian.

“As you know, the relationship between the UK and Spain is a very close one in terms of economic relations and also social exchanges. Over 17 million Brits come to Spain every year and many of them live here or retire here and we want to keep it that way as much as possible," said Dastis.

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