Here are the 10 UK jobs offering the highest bonuses in 2017

Rebecca Smith
Sales roles are beating finance positions in offering bigger bonuses
Sales roles are beating finance positions in offering bigger bonuses (Source: Getty)

On the hunt for a bigger bonus?

Well, look no further as job site Glassdoor has compiled the UK jobs that pay the highest bonuses.

According to its latest report, enterprise sales managers now receive the highest in the UK, toppling global account managers from the top spot.

The number one job could now earn an employee an annual bonus of anything up to £55,000, nearly double the UK's national average salary of £28,200.

And a crop of finance jobs did not even make the top 10 this year, including investment banking analyst with a median bonus of £21,800, and traders with a median bonus of £20,000.

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Which UK jobs offer the biggest bonuses?

Job title Median bonus Median total compensation
1. Enterprise sales manager £55,000 £110,000
2. Global account manager £33,500 £101,000
3. Partner £30,000 £150,000
4. Chief operating officer £30,000 £155,000
5. Chief financial officer £30,000 £156,000
6. Kitchen designer £26,500 £42,750
7. Chief technology officer £25,000 £165,000
8. Chief executive officer £25,000 £160,000
9. Channel manager £25,000 £90,000
10. Business development consultant £23,350 £63,500

Both enterprise sales manager and global account manager came above chief operating officer, chief financial officer and chief executive officer.Top bosses earned more overall, and had higher base pay, and enterprise sales managers only earn that much if they hit their targets.

Additionally, Glassdoor considers a wide spread of firms, from small companies to huge organisations so there is a mix among people in the same position too.

For a job title to be considered by Glassdoor, a minimum number of 25 reports must have been submitted by UK-based employees over a two-year period.

David Whitby, UK country manager, Glassdoor said:

The earning potential of a high-performing UK sales employee is undeniable and we are now seeing sales roles beating finance positions in terms of offering the biggest bonuses.

What’s even more interesting is that a career in sales does not require what we’d call a traditional degree qualification, which suggests that high-paying and rewarding roles are more accessible than ever before in the UK.

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