British Airways owner IAG names the seven startups vying for investment in its new accelerator programme

Rebecca Smith
The airline group has been on the hunt for savvy startups
The airline group has been on the hunt for savvy startups (Source: IAG)

British Airways owner IAG has announced the seven startups that will take place in its second Hangar 51 accelerator programme.

The scheme, run in partnership with Spanish consulting firm Cink Emprende, had more than 350 applications across 46 countries.

After choosing 30 to present their products and services before a pitch day last month, IAG then whittled the applicants down to seven successful picks.

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The seven successful finalists
Airstripe - an airline crowdfunding service
Aplazame - a fintech startup with an instant credit risk-free solution for online payments
Destygo - an AI platform to build, deploy and train chatbots for travel firms
Inflight VR - creating a virtual reality ecosystem for the inflight entertainment industry
Migacore - a data science startup focusing on bringing predictive demand forecasting for travel
SeatAssignMate - transforms email into an immersive experience enabling customers to pick their seats and add other services to their booking
Volantio - helps airlines to plan seat capacity more effectively through machine learning

The selected startups will receive 10 weeks of industry advice from mentors and experts at IAG, Iberia, and Vueling, with the programme starting this week. Based in Madrid and Barcelona, the businesses will gain access to the airlines' resources to develop and test their products.

As well as access to the airlines' resources, the entrepreneurs will have the chance to receive funding from IAG's multimillion pound digital investment fund to scale their business.

Last time round, the company then invested in two of the startups that took part in its programme, saying in April that it will continue working with Esplorio and Vchain to further develop their products.

Stephen Scott, IAG’s head of global innovation, said:

We are very excited to announce this year’s finalists for Hangar 51. Each selected start-up offers IAG something unique, from disruptive concepts through to ground breaking technology. We look forward to welcoming them to IAG and building great products together for our customers.

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