Ex-Hurricane Ophelia hits the UK and Ireland: The storm in pictures

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Hurricane Ophelia Hits The UK
Ophelia hits the south west coast of England (Source: Getty)

Ex-Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland earlier today, bringing high winds with speeds of up to 80mph.

Two people have died in the Republic of Ireland as a result of the extreme weather, and a red warning has been issued across the country, with Met Éireann warning that conditions are "very stormy, with violent and damaging winds, most severe in exposed hilly and coastal areas".

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said: "I don't want anyone to think that this is anything other than a national emergency and a red alert in all counties, all cities, all areas."

He has warned all Irish citzens to stay inside and avoid unnecessary travel.

Ophelia is expected to impact on northern and western parts of the UK today. And while the storm was not expected to affect the south east region, Londoners may have noticed one side effect of the inclement weather: the sun has turned red and the sky has taken on an eerie dark yellow hue. Find out what exactly is causing it here.

And here's a look at how ex-Hurricane Ophelia is affecting the British Isles so far:

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