Royal Bank of Scotland boss Ross McEwan slams "badmouthing" clients and denies deliberate destruction of firms

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RBS chief executive Ross McEwan said the bank was "supporting British businesses" (Source: Getty)

The boss of Royal Bank of Scotland has delivered a stinging attack on "badmouthing" former business customers and welcomed the chance to fight them in court.

Ross McEwan demanded that the "accusations should stop".

The comments come after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is facing a potential legal challenge from MPs to publish a leaked report into the actions of RBS' controversial Global Restructuring Group (GRG).

The report, leaked to the BBC earlier this year, said RBS' GRG had taken "inappropriate action" when dealing with 92 per cent of its financially distressed business clients.

"Lots of people want to take a dig at us, but we have done nothing wrong in the vast majority of businesses we handled and there is absolutely no evidence that we deliberately destroyed businesses for their assets," chief executive McEwan told the Sunday Times.

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The leaked FCA report outlined how RBS used tactics such as sharply hiking interest and slapping businesses with additional fees.

McEwan said a compensation scheme was already in place for those firms that believed they had suffered losses. He added:

If people aren't happy with our procedures, let them sue us, take us to court and present the evidence. I'm tired of all this talk constantly badmouthing RBS. We're supporting British businesses.

But action groups for firms claiming to have been affected hit back at the RBS compensation scheme in place.

"It's self-managed, self-policed, self-serving and precludes thousands of legitimate claims for consequential loss from proper compensation," said RGL chief executive James Hayward.

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