Brits really don't know who would be a better Prime Minister out of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

Rebecca Smith
The Prime Minister's support has dipped following the party conference
The Prime Minister's support has dipped following the party conference (Source: Getty)

With Brexit leaving Britain under a "cloud of uncertainty", in the chancellor's words, is it any wonder the general public is feeling rather confused?

To the extent that more people now say they "don't know" who would make the best Prime Minister, rather than opt for either Conservative incumbent Theresa May or Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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According to a new YouGov poll for the Times, 35 per cent of the 1,680 people surveyed said they just don't know who would be the best Prime Minister, marking the first time since May took charge that she has slipped behind that option.

Both May and Corbyn were on 33 per cent apiece for the question.

Meanwhile, with party conference season done and dusted, the latest voting intention survey had the Conservatives on 39 per cent (a dip from 40 per cent last week), and Labour unchanged on 42 per cent.

Liberal Democrat voting intention was up from seven per cent to eight per cent, while the vote for other parties option went unchanged on 11 per cent.

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The Prime Minister faced a brief party rebellion after her party conference speech was beset by a series of mishaps, when former party chairman Grant Shapps was named as ringleader behind a plot to secure a fresh leadership election.

She has also faced calls from various branches of the party to ditch foreign secretary Boris Johnson, and chancellor Philip Hammond.

Today, a Downing Street spokesperson said May had "full confidence" in her chancellor.

That came after former chancellor Nigel Lawson yesterday criticised Hammond, saying what he was doing "is very close to sabotage", and that it was probably time for a reshuffle.

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