Premier League: Over half of tickets cost less than £30 per game

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Everton v Burnley - Premier League
Premier prices? The division disputes the idea that tickets are too expensive (Source: Getty)

Watching top level football isn't as expensive as you might think, according to the Premier League who found that over half of tickets to games in the division cost £30 or less.

In research conducted by professional services firm EY, the Premier League found that the average price of a ticket to one of its matches this season is £32 and just £26 for away fans.

Premier League teams have been accused in recent years of having prohibitive ticket prices keeping many fans away from attending live games.

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In response, England's top tier has agreed to cap the average price of away tickets at £30, a move which triggered a reduction in price for more than a third of tickets last season.

"The loyal and passionate support of attending fans is hugely appreciated by clubs, their managers and players, and the Premier League," said Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore.

"This research shows the excellent value clubs are offering across the League and the impressive commitment of their fans. I hope it will challenge commonly held perceptions about the cost of attending Premier League football and encourage even more people to consider going to a match."

The Premier League's research did not take into account hospitality areas and included season ticket prices - divided by the number of games it covered - in its calculations.

It found that this season's aggregate capacity of 800,000 across its 20 clubs' stadiums was a new record for the Premier League.

Nearly three-quarters of all supporters at games this season will be season ticket holder.

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