Former chancellor calls on May to sack current chancellor

Catherine Neilan
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Nigel Lawson Delivers Speech On Leaving The EU
"What [Hammond] is doing is very close to sabotage" (Source: Getty)

Former chancellor Nigel Lawson has said the Prime Minister should sack current chancellor Philip Hammond over his "unhelpful" Brexit comments.

Speaking on today's Daily Politics, Margaret Thatcher's former right hand man said Theresa May should "probably" reshuffle the cabinet to get Hammond out of Number 11.

"He may not intend it, but in practice what he is doing is very close to sabotage," Lawson said. He added it was "for her to decide" where Hammond was moved to.

Lawson, who has previously said the UK has "nothing to fear" over Brexit, also called pro-Remain Conservative MP Anna Soubry "a fanatic on this issue. A complete fanatic."

Lawson has long extolled the virtues of a no deal, saying "too much time and energy is being wasted" on negotiations.

Writing in the FT last month, he stressed that people should "forget the nonsense about a prolonged transition agreement being needed in order to avoid the disaster of a cliff edge.

“There is no cliff edge, for the simple reason that there is no cliff.

“Is it really being suggested that the rest of the world, whom we will be joining, including the US, is languishing at the foot of a cliff?”

However, another former chancellor - George Osborne - appears to back the current incumbent. Today's editorial in the Standard sets out why the Prime Minister should back Hammond.

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