The quality of photos and videos you can shoot on the iPhone 8 Plus are pretty astonishing

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We ran our review of the iPhone 8 a couple of weeks ago, in which we praised it as a strong piece of hardware that looks destined to be overshadowed by the upcoming iPhone X. One of the things we especially praised was the camera, which is a considerable step up over the iPhone 7.

Over the last week I've been away in the Bahamas, putting the iPhone 8 Plus camera through its paces. Often on trips like this, I take my DSLR in case I end up using any pictures for the newspaper, but this time I relied on the iPhone 8 alone. It didn't disappoint.

Disclaimer: I'm not a photographer, and these are by no means professional-quality images; they are holiday snaps that I'll use to add a bit of colour to a travel story. But "professional photographer" isn't the market Apple is going for – its aiming at amateurs who want their photos to look great without having to put in years of hard work. If that sounds like you, this phone will take your beach snaps to the next level.

These were all taken without a tripod or any other accoutriments, and the results are pretty astonishing.

This iguana was happy to pose for some shots. Shooting in Portrait mode, you get a nice bokeh effect towards the tail.

When you look at it up close, you can see the individual grains of sand around its mouth. As mentioned above, this was taken with me squatting down in the surf, not with a tripod.

As the name suggests, this frog was chilling out in a toilet. It was at night and lit by a fairly weak bulb. Given the conditions, the amount of detail you can make out, especially in the eye, is remarkable.

Check out the veins in the eyes and the detail on the lumpy skin.

‚ÄčThis is a conch, freshly removed from its shell. You can see all kinds of weird detailing on its body. It also tasted delicious.

Conch are weird.

You can also shoot some gorgeous video on this thing. Both of the clips below are shot at speed, and the image stabilisation really shows. They are filmed at 4K, 60fps and they look buttery smooth. In the clip shot on the back of a speeding ute, you can make out details in the background, while the foreground image of the guy with a terrible t-shirt remains crisp and focused.

The other video was taken on a boat that was actually far bumpier than this makes it look.

Verdict: this is a smashing camera. And the Bahamas is full of wonderful creatures, many of which taste great.

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