AB InBev and Vice launch Old Blue Last beer in the UK

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Old Blue Last markets itself as a "beer for drinking" (Source: Vice/Ab InBev)

Drinks giant AB InBev have got together with Vice Media to create the ideal beer for Vice's hip young readers.

The brew, named Old Blue Last after the pub which Vice runs in Shoreditch, was launched in America last year. But today the UK gets its first sip.

The new beer, aimed specifically at 18-30 year-olds, claims it will "disrupt the category", calling itself a "beer for drinking". Groundbreaking.

The gose-inspired five per cent brew has, among other things, salt, sour and coriander flavouring.

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“Drinking beer has been a favourite pastime at VICE for a while, so to create our own is something we’re very excited by," said Matt O'Mara, chief executive of Vice UK. "We’re looking forward to seeing Old Blue Last consumed wherever culture is imbibed across the UK and putting a glorious new pint or can into the hands of anyone who enjoys drinking beer as much as we do.”

Michael Poynton, UK project lead for AB InBev, said: “It’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited to finally be able to introduce Old Blue Last to the UK and this ground-breaking collaboration between media and beer. When we first started working with VICE we didn’t think it would result in developing a brand new product, but as the world’s leading brewer we pride ourselves on taking an innovative approach through exploring new partnerships and methods. Old Blue Last captures a different audience and occasion and this is only the beginning.”

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