Amazon's all-new Kindle Oasis is finally waterproof, and so ends its decade-long war against the bathtub

Steve Hogarty
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Amazon has announced its All-New Kindle Oasis e-reader, an update to their 2016 Kindle Oasis that adds – at very long last – waterproofing. No more resealable sandwich bags in the bathtub.

The design is roughly similar to the previous model. The new Kindle Oasis sports the same asymmetric shape, with a thicker-edged grip down one side, housing a battery compartment that keeps the reader alive for weeks at a time. It has a larger 7-inch screen, a higher-resolution Paperwhite display, audiobook capabilities and an IPX8-standard waterproof design, which means it can survive in two metres of fresh water for up to an hour.

Quite why it would be underwater for that long is anyone's guess, but here's a picture of one taking a dunk now, just to prove the point.

The device has a new aluminium back and, unlike the previous Oasis, doesn't charge itself from its own cover-case. As such, battery life is slightly shorter, though improved fast-charging will allow it to fully recharge in under two hours. The new snap-on covers are also waterproof, and will sell from £39.

Audible, Amazon's audiobook service, is now built into the Kindle. If you own both the narrated and written versions of a book, your position will be saved as you listen or read across devices, allowing you to pick up where you left off. The audiobook version is also made available at a discounted price on Audible when you buy the Kindle book.

The original Kindle Oasis was an expensive little thing, launching at £269. In my review, I called it "the most refined and subtly handsome e-reader that the world-dominating librarians at Amazon have yet made", and first impressions suggest the same is true of the improved version.

It's slightly cheaper this time around. The All-New Kindle Oasis starts at £229 for the 8GB model, £259 for the 32GB model, and £319 for the 32GB model with a free data connection. Pre-orders are available today.

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