Poundland will keep taking the round pound even after it goes out of circulation (because of course it will)

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The Royal Mint Launch The new 12 Sided One Pound Coin
The new £1 coin is more secure than the old, round version (Source: Getty)

If there was one retailer which was going to defy the Bank of England and keep taking the so-called round pound even after it goes out of circulation this week, it was going to be Poundland.

The high street stalwart said today it will keep taking the "much loved" round £1 coins even after deadline for them to be taken out of circulation on 15 October at its 850-odd stores.

The scheme, which it has dubbed the "legal tender extender", will continue until the 31 October.

“We are the official home of the pound, so it’s a no brainer that we offer all Brits the opportunity to spend their hard earned round pounds for longer," trilled the company's managing director, Barry Williams.

Final week

The round pound has entered its final week of circulation, and will cease to be legal tender after Sunday.

The new 12-sided £1 coin is designed to prevent forgeries, with a bimetallic design and extra security features including a difficult-to-reproduce "hologram".

"Businesses must remain vigilant when returning coins, and ensure old and new coins are organised in separate packaging," said Andrew Jones, the exchequer secretary to the Treasury.

"We also want cashiers and shopkeepers working at till points, who are truly on the front line of the changeover, to ensure only new pound coins are given to shoppers in their change."

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