Post-Brexit trade deals could help Epoch reduce prices of Sylvanian Families

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The government is trying to steer away from a cliff-edge transition (Source: Sylvanian Families)

Boss at Epoch, the toy company behind the popular Sylvanian Families range, have said that Brexit could help the company to reduce prices.

Chief executive Michihiro Maeda said in an interview with City A.M. that new trade deals could reduce costs for the Japanese firm, which manufactures toys in China.

He added that Epoch is already planning to reduce the retail price of its toys in all markets by increasing efficiency. This would include the UK, where the prices for Sylvanian Families was increased last year due to the weaker pound.

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“In the short term, because of Brexit, your currency is becoming weaker,” he said. “But in the longer term because we are increasing productivity we are reducing our retail price and introducing more affordable products. In the longer term, we are trying to reduce the price so more people can buy.”

Epoch’s managing director for the UK, Neil Bandtock added: “At the moment we pay import duty on everything that comes into the EU. All our products come from the Far East so we’re kind of immune to [Brexit]. If anything, it could be a bonus.”

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