It's the final round pound countdown: There's just seven days left to spend old coins before the deadline

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The old £1 coin will no longer be legal tender after 15 October

It's the final round pound countdown as Britain was warned there's just seven days left to spend the old style coins.

People are being urged to dig through coat pockets and down the backs of sofas for the last remaining pound coins, which are being replaced by a 12-sided design that makes it tougher for fraudsters.

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The deadline for using the old £1 coin is Sunday 15 October, or anyone can take them to the bank or donate them to charity. The Royal Mint and the treasury have partnered with Children Need in the last push to get people to donate their last remaining coins.

After this date, the coins will no longer be accepted as legal tender by shops and other businesses.

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The round pound has been in use for 34 years, but it's estimated that one in every 30 is a fake. The new pound coin, which has several high-tech features in addition to more sides, was introduced earlier this year, with both accepted for a short crossover period giving people time to get used to them.

More than 1.2bn round pounds have been returned in the past six months, exchequer secretary to the Treasury Andrew Jones said. "Added together these coins match the weight of around 3,500 elephants or 900 double-decker buses," he added.

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