There's a new way to report online hate crime in the UK as home secretary Amber Rudd unveils dedicated national hub

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Police will make it clearer how it investigates reports of hate crime online (Source: Getty)

"People in the UK will have a new way to report hate crime that takes place on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook under new plans unveiled by home secretary Amber Rudd in the government's latest efforts to tackle illegal activities which take place online.

A new "national online hate crime hub" will be set up with dedicated police officers tackling online abuse in a bid to increase prosecutions.

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Cases will go through this single hub, making it easier to investigate when, for instance, the victim and alleged perpetrator are in different locations overseen by different police forces.

Rudd said such crimes "should me met with the full force of the law".

"The national online hate crime hub that we are funding is an important step to ensure more victims have the confidence to come forward and report the vile abuse to which they are being subjected," she said.

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"The hub will also improve our understanding of the scale and nature of this despicable form of abuse. With the police, we will use this new intelligence to adapt our response so that even more victims are safeguarded and perpetrators punished."

The system is expected to be set up by the end of the year. A cost for the scheme has not been given.

The Crown Prosecution Service earlier this year said it would crack down on online hate crime, taking it as seriously as offences committed offline. Prominent women in politics have reported being targeted on Twitter.

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