Ex-Prime Minister John Major blasts Conservative MPs "disloyal" to Theresa May

Lynsey Barber
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John Major led the Conservative Party and the country in the 1990s (Source: Getty)

Former Prime Minister John Major has blasted "disloyal" Conservative MPs and their political manoeuvrings after a week of high profile reports that some within the party have been plotting against Theresa May.

Major said the Tory turmoil was bad for politics and the country in a strongly worded rebuke, written for the Mail on Sunday.

"Their conduct has undermined their own party, their own Prime Minister, and their own Government. It is profoundly unbecoming and it must stop."

He warned that the party "must win back hearts and minds" of voters who would not jbe attracted to a divided party.

"The party must widen its appeal and the Prime Minister’s clarion call for social justice – delivered as she first entered No 10 and again at the party conference last week – clearly set out a programme that, if implemented, can and will change perceptions and re-engage the millions who have turned away from us."

And while Major indicated support for the Prime Minister, he also called for a review of Universal Credit which he described as "theoretically impeccable" but also "operationally messy, socially unfair and unforgiving".

He concluded: "The country has had enough of the self-absorbed and, frankly, disloyal behaviour we have witnessed over recent weeks. It is time for the individuals concerned – both in Parliament and in government – to focus their minds instead on the needs of the British people, rather than on their own personal ambition."

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