Christmas is coming: Oxford Street lights go up before Halloween

Rebecca Smith
The lights got set up around the same time last year
The lights got set up around the same time last year (Source: Getty)

Yes, it's only just October.

And no, we haven't even had Halloween yet. But one of London's clearest signs that Christmas is coming has arrived in the form of Oxford Street's famous lights.

Now, don't get too excited as they obviously haven't been switched on yet, and won't be until Tuesday 7 November. But, Oxford Street's Christmas lights are a very serious matter and need some preparation, and those huge baubles that line the shopping haven (or hell depending on your perspective...) were spotted going up this week.

As ever with the festive season, Londoners were divided about whether the installation was premature or an exciting signal that is Christmas is on the horizon.

But they did start going up around the same time last year.

No word yet on the exact timing of when the lights will be switched on, and who is lined up to have the honour of turning them on. Last year it was singer Craig David.

Thousands of shoppers - and festive fans - tend to turn up for the great switch on, which is supported by lots of Oxford Street retailers.

And in case you were wondering, the organisers know just how much energy is going into getting the lights up. Some 750,000 LED bulbs will be strung up for the occasion, using 75 per cent less energy than conventional bulbs, with over 1,700 baubles.

Last year, there was a footfall of 43.9m over the Christmas season, with around 1.14m during the Christmas switch on event.

For the festive fans who are keen to see Oxford Street's Christmas lights, whatever the date, here's a compilation of them in recent years:

(Click or tap on the images to see them in full screen)

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