Theresa May says she has full support of her cabinet and is providing 'calm leadership' through Brexit

Rebecca Smith
Theresa May said she will continue to provide
Theresa May said she will continue to provide "calm leadership" (Source: Getty)

Theresa May has said she is providing "calm leadership with the full support of the cabinet" amid an attempted ousting orchestrated by a former party chairman.

Grant Shapps has admitted he was trying to coordinate an attempt to bring about a leadership contest, saying he had the support of around 30 MPs, including five former cabinet ministers.

He told the BBC: "I don't think we can go on like this."

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And bookies have slashed the odds on the Prime Minister stepping down, with Paddy Power saying it had cut the odds on her stepping down this month by half overnight.

Cabinet ministers however, have publicly rallied behind May since her party conference speech was interrupted by a prankster handing her a mock P45 and a persistent cough troubling the Prime Minister.

Home secretary Amber Rudd and first secretary of state Damian Green both countered overnight news of Shapps' list, throwing their weight behind May’s leadership.

And speaking today, on her way to a charity event in her constituency, the Prime Minister said:

What the country needs is calm leadership and that's what I'm providing with the full support of my cabinet, and next week I'm going to be updating MPs on my Florence speech which has given real momentum to the Brexit talks, and I will also be introducing a draft bill to cap energy prices which will stop ordinary working families from being ripped off.

The much-anticipated Florence speech last month was where May proposed a two-year transitional implementation period for Brexit, during which access to the Single Market would continue, and security arrangements would remain in place based on current terms.

“The tone I want to set is one of partnership and friendship,” she said.

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