Pensioners are more stressed now than when they were working, according to new research

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Pensioners are more stressed than when they were working (Source: Getty)

It seems retirement doesn't quite provide the rest and relaxation we expect: pensioners feel more stressed now than when they were working, according to new research.

Beyond choosing which liner to pick for their next cruise, retirees blame their new-found struggles on factors such as missing office banter and being the go-to babysitter for grandchildren, according to a survey of 751 adults who retired within the last 10 years by Prudential.

The biggest retirement let-down is missing old co-workers, with 35 per cent of people asked saying they yearn for the social interaction of work.

The change seems to affect women more, with almost a quarter saying they have been more stressed since they retired, compared with 13 per cent of men.

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Money worries

Despite being the best-off generation by a long way; for retired baby boomers it’s all about the money. Some eight per cent of those surveyed complained about still acting as Bank of Mum and Dad to their adult children, while 29 per cent said they simply miss having more money in their pockets.

The research also showed retirees in 2017 expect to live on £600 a year less than those who gave up work in 2008.

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Financial security

Retirement expert Vince Smith-Hughes said: “While financial security doesn’t guarantee happiness in retirement, having your finances in shape when you give up work should help to cope with some of the stresses caused by the change in your daily routine.”

Still think early retirement is a good idea? Nearly a quarter of pensioners now wish they had worked for longer and one in 10 said they wish they had found another job or been more active at the beginning of their retirement. Maybe the day job isn't so bad after all...

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