Odds on Prime Minister Theresa May stepping down this month have been slashed overnight

Rebecca Smith
The Prime Minister's future is looking uncertain at present
The Prime Minister's future is looking uncertain at present (Source: Getty)

The odds are not in the Prime Minister's favour at present.

Yesterday, Betfair said it was looking increasingly likely that Theresa May will step down by the end of the year, and overnight Paddy Power has cut its odds on the PM stepping down this month by more than half.

Today, the betting giant is offering odds of 2/1 that May will quit her post this month, compared to 5/1 yesterday. Paddy Power also trimmed the price of May heading off this year from 5/2 to 6/4.

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And BoyleSports said May was 7/4 to leave her position of Prime Minister this month, and 7/2 to step down in November, despite comments today from the Prime Minister that she was delivering "calm leadership" and had the full support of her cabinet.

The revised outlook comes after the Conservative party conference where May was accosted by a prankster with a mock P45, and was interrupted throughout her speech by a persistent cough. To add insult to injury, the signage behind her started dropping off too.

A Paddy Power spokesman said:

The odds of Theresa May leaving her role have been dropping quicker than those letters on the wall at the Tory Conference.

From that point on, it was clear that the writing was on the wall for Theresa – although, well, it wasn’t, because even that was shoddily prepared by the Conservatives.

Here are Paddy Power's latest odds on the current outlook for the Tory leader:

The future of the Conservatives

1/2 - Theresa May to resign within a year

6/4 - Theresa May to resign this year

2/1 - Theresa May to resign this month

9/4 - The next General Election to be held in 2018

3/1 - Johnson to be the next Conservative Leader

4/1 - Johnson to be PM within a year

100/1 - Every member of May’s cabinet to change within a year

As for who will succeed her, Paddy Power is on board with the sentiment of Conservative party members, favouring Boris Johnson.

Next Tory leader
3/1 - Boris Johnson
7/1 - Jacob Rees-Mogg
15/2 - David Davis
8/1 - Amber Rudd
10/1 - Philip Hammond
14/1 - Ruth Davidson
20/1 - Priti Patel

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