Rush hour travel chaos looms: Train delays in and out of London Waterloo will continue all day

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Delays at Waterloo are set to continue all day (Source: Getty)

Commuters be warned: train delays are expected to and from London Waterloo until the end of the day.

A problem with a set of points at the station has led to a number of lines being blocked, which means train services running to and from Waterloo may be cancelled, delayed by up to 10 minutes or revised, National Rail said.

"The problem is a points failure," the rail operator explained. "Points are part of the track which allow trains to switch from one running line to another. A points failure means that the correct route for a train cannot be set.

"As a result of this points failure, platform 1 at London Waterloo is out of use for all train services. Delays compound quickly in this instance."

During the peak period this afternoon/evening, some services will be cancelled or will start away from London Waterloo while South Western manages the impact caused by this loss of platforms.

The following alterations and cancellations will take place:

  • 15:36 - London Waterloo to Hampton Court
  • 16:26 - Hampton Court to London Waterloo
  • 17:09 - London Waterloo to Effingham Junction
  • 18:31 - London Waterloo to Epsom
  • 19:34 - Epsom to London Waterloo
  • 17:27 - London Waterloo to London Waterloo via Mortlake and Twickenham
  • 19:01 - London Waterloo to London Waterloo via Twickenham and Mortlake
  • 15:32 - Woking to London Waterloo
  • 16:33 - London Waterloo to Guildford
  • 17:13 - London Waterloo to London Waterloo via Richmond and Norbiton
  • 18:48 - London Waterloo to Guildford

The following train service alterations will occur:

  • 16:10 - Shepperton to London Waterloo will terminate at Kingston
  • 17:12 - London Waterloo to Shepperton will start from Kingston

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