GoPro share price plunges after Google reveals creepy Clips camera straight from Dave Eggers' The Circle

Lynsey Barber
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Google Clips muscles in on GoPro's high octane territory (Source: Getty)

GoPro's share price continued in the same direction as many of its daredevil customers today - that is, skydiving downwards.

The camera maker's stock sunk a further two per cent as markets opened in New York, following Google's unveiling of a personal camera with more than a little resemblance to something out of dystopian sci-fi novel.

GoPro shares had plunged more than six per cent immediately after Google's unveiling of Clips on Wednesday.

Clips is a tiny square camera that uses artificial intelligence to guess when to record without the person wearing it doing anything.

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It's uncannily like a device in Dave Eggers' The Circle, which charts the creeping reach of technology in the life of a woman working at the very company which creates it, and bears more than a passing resemblance to Google.

Of Clips, Edison analyst Richard Windsor said: "This looks like a regular GoPro or Yi camera but the differentiation lies in its functionality. The idea with clips is to position the device during an event or gathering and leave it to gather the best photos and video clips."

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Yi is Chinese tech company Xiaomi's action camera.

He added: "Again, this is Google using its leadership in AI to differentiate and if this feature works well, we suspect that it will be a very good reason for users to buy this product.The number one use case for GoPro and Yi cameras is family despite their sporting image and it is this use case that Google is taking aim at. If it works well and gains traction, this spells more trouble for GoPro which has struggled with software and ecosystem from Day one."

GoPro last week launched the latest version of its camera, with hopes pinned on it turning around the companies fortunes.

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