Startup Simba Sleep's claims of "most advanced" mattress in the world put to bed as misleading by advertising watchdog

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Simba Sleep's "most advanced matress ever" was not deemed as such by the ASA (Source: Simba)

A startup's claims to have the most technologically advanced mattresses in the world have been put to bed by the advertising watchdog after it was found to be misleading.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) sprung into action to investigate the claims following a complaint regarding three adverts for the brand on Facebook, Google, and on Simba's own website.

The complaint challenged that Simba's claim of the "most advanced mattress ever"and "the world's most advanced mattress" was misleading.

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And the ASA didn't cushion the blow: the gripe was upheld with firm support.

Simba had defended the adverts, saying consumers would understand them to be "puffery" or the company's own opinion.

The company "believed the product was market-leading in terms of its deployment of new technologies and innovations which were unique to Simba Sleep," the ASA ruling said. Simba also provided evidence of patents and licenses.

But, the watchdog disagreed and ruled that customers would think the claims were objective and believe Simba "provided the most technologically advanced mattress available across the whole market".

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"While we acknowledged that the evidence demonstrated that the Simba Sleep mattress contained attributes that might well be unique, we considered that we had not seen comparative evidence and were therefore unable to assess whether the Simba Sleep mattress was more technologically advanced than all other mattresses available on the market," the ASA said.

"Because we had not seen objective comparative evidence in relation to all relevant competitors across the market, we concluded that the ads were misleading, " the advertising regulator concluded.

The ads must not be shown again, but the ASA left the door open to Simba making the claim again - if it could provide "robust comparative documentary evidence" that it actually is the most technologically advanced mattress on the market.

Simba is just one of several mattress startups claiming to be disrupting sleep, so to speak, with "innovative" mattresses and which have gained millions of pounds in investment in recent years.

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