Premier League clubs delay decision on giving top teams greater share of TV cash

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Leicester City v Burnley - Premier League
Clubs plan to discuss the proposals again next month (Source: Getty)

Premier League clubs have delayed a decision on controversial proposals to give top teams a greater share of income from the sale of television rights.

Chairmen of the 20 top division sides failed to reach agreement on the plans at a meeting in London on Wednesday but resolved to revisit the debate next month.

There is an appetite to settle the matter by the end of the year, however, before the Premier League begins selling the next round of broadcast contracts in early 2018.

"Premier League clubs today met and discussed the future development of the League," a spokesman said. "Clubs unanimously agreed to adjourn the meeting to allow further discussion."

The decision indicates that the division's smaller clubs remain unconvinced by the proposals, which are the result of lobbying from the big six - Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham - for a larger share of central revenues.

Under the proposed change, 35 per cent of distributions from overseas broadcast contracts would be determined by league position.

All teams receive £39m each per season under the current arrangement, in which all overseas television earnings are shared equally.

The proposed change would see the league winners' share rise to around £55m, while the bottom team's would shrink to approximately £27m.

Some income from domestic broadcast contracts, which make up roughly £5bn of total television revenue against the £3bn from overseas, is already divided on merit.

A majority of 14 of the 20 clubs must back the proposals in order for the change to be approved.

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