Wifi, 4G, and under ripe avocados: These are 2017's most heartbreaking first-world struggles

Nina Edy
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A third of Londoners are concerned about a nationwide prosecco shortage. (Source: Getty)

Broken contactless payment machines and waiting for avocados to ripen: a new ranking has named these two of the most difficult struggles Britons are forced to endure.

The ranking, by HTC, put waiting in all day for a delivery when you don’t have a time-slot is the heaviest cross Britons must bear, with 52 per cent citing it as their most frustrating first-world problem.

Forgetting passwords came in second place with, 48 per cent, and leaving the house and realising you've forgotten your phone at home came in third, with 29 per cent.

The agony of technology letdowns were common on the list, with problems including the buffering sign when you are streaming something online, lack of 4G and no free wifi at a hotel making it into the top 25.

The report also showed 47 per cent of Londoners have “avocado anxiety” and are worried about them being under or over ripe, while 32 per cent are apprehensive about a nationwide prosecco shortage. Oh, the humanity.

Two decades ago, though, the story was rather different. In 1997 having a happy relationship topped the list, with 32 per cent, while earning enough to pay rent and bills was number two with 31 per cent, and being able to afford a holiday was third, with 23 per cent.

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