All the thoughts we had during Theresa May's speech, as told by Twitter

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Conservative Leader Makes Her Keynote Speech To Party Conference
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Anyone watching Prime Minister Theresa May's speech today went through a lot of emotions.

MPs and activists stared at the ground, while journalists tweeted furiously as the spectacle unfolded: the most powerful woman in Britain was wrong-footed by a prankster with a P45 today and the fallout was at least as astounding as the stunt itself.

If you haven't seen the footage, here is the moment when comedian Simon Brodkin handed May a P45, saying it was from her foreign secretary, Boris Johnson:

Initially, May picked herself up. But then she stumbled, she lost her voice, and the stage literally started falling apart. Here are all the emotions we went through, as told by the Twittersphere:

Well, this is a metaphor for pretty much everything

When will I wake up?

This is painful, just make it go away

At least she can still make jokes

Possibly her most natural performance yet, in a way

How did that guy even get there?

But what does it mean for Brexit?

Because there's a Brexit take on everything

Oh, and what was she actually talking about again?

Let's not forget there were some policy announcements

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