Comedian Simon Brodkin upstages Theresa May during conference speech

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Theresa May was interrupted by a prankster during her conference speech (Source: Getty)

Comedian Simon Brodkin just caused a commotion during Theresa May's conference speech, handing the Prime Minister a P45 he claimed was from Boris Johnson. Bodkin was subsequently arrested, and questions have been raised about security at the Tory conference.

Brodkin, known for playing spoof character Lee Nelson, appears to have made his way to the stage by posing as a photographer. Cameramen flocked around the prankster after he gave the PM the fake (we assume) P45, briefly interrupting the speech.

May took the disturbance in her stride, remarking: "I tell you who I'd like to give a P45 to and that's Jeremy Corbyn."

The comedian was arrested following the prank. A Conservative spokesman said: “In light of the arrest during the Prime Minister's speech we are working with the police to review the accreditation process and security arrangements for Party Conference.”

Brodkin has since tweeted to inform the foreign secretary that the form was handed over to May:

This isn't the first time Brodkin has disturbed a major event - in 2015, he threw banknotes over Sepp Blatter, disgraced former president of Fifa, at a news conference.

Extraordinary FIFA Executive Committee Meeting
Brodkin was the prankster who threw banknotes over Sepp Blatter in 2015 (Source: Getty)

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