The revamped Range Rover Sport goes hybrid as Jaguar Land Rover charges up its electric credentials

Rebecca Smith
JLR said all vehicles will have an electric option by 2020
JLR said all vehicles will have an electric option by 2020 (Source: JLR)

Land Rover has unveiled its first plug-in hybrid since Jaguar Land Rover announced that from 2020, all new Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will have the option of being electric.

The Range Rover Sport now has a plug-in hybrid electric powertrain, and the flagship delivers 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds, an electric-only range of 31 miles, a rapid charge time of two hours and 45 minutes and full charging time of seven hours 30 minutes.

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Drivers can choose from two driving modes. Parallel hybrid mode, which is the default, combines petrol and electric drive. There is also the EV (electric vehicle) mode enabling the vehicle to run solely on the electric motor using energy stored in the battery.

Jaguar Land Rover UK managing director Jeremy Hicks said: “The current Range Rover Sport has performed exceptionally well in the UK market since it was introduced in 2013 selling just shy of 50,000 vehicles to date. Its perfect blend of performance, comfort, utility and off-road prowess make it the perfect all-round luxury vehicle."

(Source: JLR)

He said the newest updates should serve to make the Range Rover Sport "an even more attractive proposition with CO2 emissions down to 64g/km and a 101mpg on the combined cycle coupled with new infotainment technology making life simpler". He also hailed the diesel and petrol engines as "our cleanest ever".

The revamped Range Rover Sport will have the same all-terrain capability as before, and will also be able enter areas with restrictions for air quality – including most congestion charging zones.

Land Rover also said the car's interior had been boosted with up to 12 power points, including two plug sockets to keep laptops or other devices topped up.

Prices start from £61,315, with hybrid models starting at £70,800, and deliveries starting early next year.

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