Snapchat accidentally revealed a top secret announcement about a Jeff Koons art feature after a tech snafu

Lynsey Barber
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Jeff Koons artwork will be viewable on Snapchat (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Famously secretive Snapchat has a big announcement planned - except it revealed all earlier than expected by accident in a face palm-worthy moment.

An embarrassing technical snafu has revealed the tech company is trying to woo the art world, and already has Jeff Koons on board.

Teasing the announcement, a website,, which features a timer counting down to the big reveal scheduled later on Tuesday, was circumvented by a reporter at Business Insider. By changing the clock on his computer to a time in the future, he was able to see what was waiting to be unveiled.

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And that is augmented reality (AR) art. Koons' famous balloon dog can be viewed anywhere, from Hyde Park to Central Park, through Snapchat. It also showed artists are being urged to sign up to get their own artwork on the platform.

Despite the snafu, Snapchat has now fixed the cheeky workaround, and the timer is still counting down until the full detail of the project was originally meant to be announced (later this evening UK time).

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