Equifax data breach: Millions more affected than previously thought

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U.S. Capitol In Washington
The former boss of Equifax will testify in front of Congress later today (Source: Getty)

US credit reporting giant Equifax has admitted 2.5m more people than previously thought have been affected by last month’s enormous data leak.

Details of around 145.5m people were accessed, Equifax said overnight.

The update was a result of an independent review and in advance of former Equifax boss Richard Smith testifying in front of the US Congress later today.

The review concluded additional leaked sets of data came from US citizens and the impact on Canada was far less than previously thought – some 8,000 sets of data compared to a previously estimated 100,000.

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Regarding British citizens, Equifax said the forensic investigation into the 400,000 people hit had been completed, with information being analysed.

“Equifax is continuing discussions with regulators in the UK regarding the scope of the company’s consumer notifications,” the firm said in a statement.

In remarks prepared in advance of Smith appearing in front of Congress, the former chief exec said the US needs to adopt new standards for customer credit data.

Customers should have sole responsibility for control of information, said Smith, who resigned as Equifax’s boss last month.

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