Conservative party conference: Home secretary Amber Rudd slams Jeremy Corbyn as "thuggish" Labour leader

Catherine Neilan
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Rudd was speaking at a fringe event at the party conference (Source: Getty)

Home secretary Amber Rudd has blasted Jeremy Corbyn as a "thuggish Labour leader", and said he must "call out" party members for discriminatory remarks.

Speaking at a fringe event on the first day of the Conservative party conference, the Hastings and Rye MP said Corbyn talked the talk, but did not walk the walk.

"Out there, he is surrounded by his acolytes and crowds but actually he is nothing more than a thuggish Labour leader," she said, adding his approach had given "encouragement to the more violent element of the hard left."

Rudd was speaking as the conference kicked off with peaceful anti-austerity protests marred by violent messages, including a sign that said "hang the tories", complete with effigies, and following the Labour conference which was marred by concerns over anti-Semitism.

In apparent reference to the latter, Rudd added: "All he says is 'I oppose all violence' and 'I oppose all racial disharmony', but actually he needs to call it out."

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