Swansea manager Paul Clement urges smaller Premier League teams to reject big six TV cash grab

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Crystal Palace v Swansea City - Premier League
Clement's Swansea are believed to oppose the plans (Source: Getty)

Swansea manager Paul Clement has called for smaller clubs to resist attempts by the Premier League’s biggest teams to try to grab a larger share of broadcast revenue.

The big six – Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham – are thought to want a change to the way cash from overseas rights is distributed which would see more money diverted to those at the top of the table.

Currently revenue from international broadcast deals is split evenly among the 20 top-flight clubs.

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“I’m sure the top six would like that because they’ll get a bigger slice of the pie but there are 14 other teams who want to be competitive,” said Clement. “If the league is going to be competitive, the money needs to be evenly distributed.”

Swansea are understood to be among 11 teams to have opposed the move in talks with Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore this week.

West Ham, who Swansea visit on Saturday, Everton and Leicester are believed to be more open-minded about the proposal. A majority of 14 is needed to pass any changes.

Premier League clubs currently receive around £39m each per season from a tranche of overseas rights deals worth a total of £3bn for the three-year cycle from 2016 to 2019.

The proposal discussed would see 35 per cent of overseas broadcast revenue distributed according to merit – where a team finishes in the table.

Income from domestic television contracts is already distributed partly in accordance with league position.

Current domestic TV deals with BT Sport, Sky and the BBC are worth £5.1bn for 2016-19.

Discussions are time-sensitive as the Premier League is set to start the tender process for TV rights for 2019-22 in the next few months.

Club chairmen are due to discuss the proposals further at a meeting next week.

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