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Dave was the most complained about ad (Source: MoneySupermarket)

The twerking man in MoneySupermarket's "be epic" campaign was the most complained-about ad of 2017, new figures have shown.

Clad in skin-tight hot pants and stiletto heels, Moneysupermarket's "Dave" gleaned 455 complaints, while an ad for featuring a woman removing her partner's top drew 293 complaints.

Meanwhile, an advert for McDonald's, in which a woman attempts to console her son after the death of his father, drew 255 complaints before it was withdrawn.

However, the total number of complaints fell almost 20 per cent to 13,131, although there were 11 per cent more ads complained about since the same period last year.

Some, 8,195 of the complaints were over misleading ads, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said, while 3,034 were withdrawn over the six month period.

Despite being behind this year's most complained about spot, a spokesman for MoneySupermarket seemed unperterbed.

“Our ads celebrate that epic feeling you get when you save money at MoneySupermarket and our characters - particularly Dave, the iconic hotpant-wearing businessman - have become part of pop culture, generating countless parodies.

"We’re always looking for entertaining ways to deliver a serious message and while our ads continue to fuel debate, it’s important to note none of the complaints to the ASA have ever been upheld. The ad in question is also no longer on air as we launched a new campaign featuring He-Man and Skeletor in March.”

Missed out? Here's Dave:

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