Premier League clubs fail to secure support for larger share of TV money

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Scudamore's proposed compromise failed to find support (Source: Getty)

The Premier League's biggest clubs are failing to find support for a redesign of the division's TV money distribution which would see them gain a greater share.

Last season's top six clubs — Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City — want to end equal distribution of the £3.2bn the league makes from overseas broadcasting rights.

The six clubs, who most often represent the Premier League in European competitions, argue that they deserve a greater slice of the pie as it is their larger global fanbases that drive foreign TV companies' interest.

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Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore's proposed compromise of just 35 per cent of overseas rights being distributed by league position — presented to clubs at a meeting of club executives — only won over Everton, Leicester City and West Ham, according to reports.

A formal vote on the reforms set for next week requires the support of at least 14 clubs.

Clubs who finish near the top of the Premier League already earn a greater share of its end-of-season payments — last season's champions Chelsea won £150m while bottom club Sunderland finished with £93.5m.

Commercial revenue, overseas TV money and a portion of domestic TV money is currently equally split amongst Premier League clubs, but bigger teams still make more from merit-based payments as well as "facility fees" based on the number of home fixtures broadcast live.

Last season every club in the division made £39.1m in overseas TV rights.

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