Twitter announces new 280 character tweet limit: Here’s how people reacted


There were mixed feeling about the new roll out. (Source: Getty)

Twitter users have gone into a frenzy about the social network again.

The social network’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced (over Twitter) that they are doubling their signature 140 character limit to 280 characters for a selected few users - for now.

How else do you voice your opinion about Twitter? Via Twitter of course. Here’s what people are saying:

For a lot of people, it was a case of wanting a particular thing but getting something completely different.

People were just too used to 140 characters and couldn’t imagine having to get used to this new life.

Others were upset that they hadn’t been part of the chosen few.

Those who were selected were either really happy or just didn't know what to do with it.


Some were angry that they’d have to read entire 280 character tweets.

And there were lots of whys.

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey shared a company blog explaining why the platform is experimenting with an extended character limit, but hinted that the 280 character limit trial was up for 'challenging'.