Trivago buys German artificial intelligence startup Tripl to add machine learning to its platform

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Trivago will add personalisation algorithms to its platform (Source: Trivago)

Holiday search firm Trivago announced today it has acquired the assets of Tripl, a machine learning travel start-up from Hamburg.

The acquisition, which took place for an unspecified amount, is set to add personalization technology to Trivago’s platform.

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The technology gives tailored travel recommendations by identifying trends in users’ social media activities and matching this with in-app activity by similar people.

Hendrik Kleinwächter, the creator of the Tripl algorithm, will join trivago’s development team.

When visiting a restaurant, I prefer those with few hand-picked entries on the menu, that exactly match my taste," he commented. "That is what I believe a modern travel website should look like. There are billions of combinations, but the user is really only interested in the most relevant ones - we offer them through our algorithm."

"We believe our competitive advantage is the speed of our learning. We have always focused on machine-learning, and the area of semantic analysis," said Rolf Schrömgens, founder and CEO of Trivago. “Tripl’s personalization technology is unique and individual in its approach, putting us one step closer toward bringing each traveler into their ideal hotel."

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